You finally did it – you left your comfort zone and moved to New Zealand by yourself just to become a more independent person. You feel pretty proud of yourself, don’t you? And you should, because independence is no ordinary feat. But this raises the question: now that you’re in New Zealand, how do you become job-ready? Here are three things you need to do to get you pumped up for that job hunt.



  • Do some homework. This cannot be emphasized enough. You need to get a grasp of the greater scheme of things in New Zealand, especially when it comes to the economic matters. What is your skill set, and what industries in New Zealand will match that skill set?
  • Allow enough time for everything to settle in. Fix your paper work, get your necessary documents, don’t rush into too many things at the same time. Make a daily schedule that’s doable and achievable.
  • Learn the company profiles as best as you can. Do the necessary background research so that you don’t go to battle without the proper gear. Be as informed as possible about the company.

Bonus tip: Dress up, and dress well. Get some new clothes. If you don’t know your way around yet, get your clothes from online shops like Lazada and Zalora. You can even get them at lower prices with the right promo codes. Dress to nail that job application. Your future boss will thank you for it.


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